Net10 apn configuration for iphone 4

The guide shows how to do this. Hello I tried your method 2 with no success. I have an iphone 3gs and I had to install cydia in order to get the intenet and the mms working. I was told that if I turned the phone off I would lose the mms and the internet. For some unknown reason the phone went to safe mode and some time later the mms and internet stopped working. I called net10 and installed the update iapnupdatetfdata. This is when I found your website and tried method 2 to get the mms running. I can get it back up tomorrow when I get wifi.

I am pretty sure the problem is having to turn off the phone at the end of the process I think this disables the cydia and nothing wants to work afterwards. Does this make sense? Can you recommend any further actions to get mms and internet running? You can try data and MMS without powering off the phone and see if it works, it might. You can also try the airplane mode trick.

After entering the settings. Turn on airplane mode for a minute then turn it off. Then reboot the phone.


Some readers swear this works. How are you entering your APN information. Thanks for putting all of this together, Bob. Any ideas? Hi, I am not sure I follow. At first when I put my net10 sim back in it never recognized it unless I rebooted. Tried swapping it a second time and worked like a charm. Thanks again for your help! Yes when i enter my cellular data APN.

Configuring the Data and MMS APN for iPhone and Net10 Wireless

When i go back up to it. Keep changing back to what it was. See the iOS 7 guide if you are using iOS 7. You need to be quick to do this or a try this little trick. Enter all of the other values needed except the APN. Keep both APNs displayed on the screen at the same time. Quickly look to make sure that both APNs are right and save the settings.

When I swapped the cards under general, cellular it never popped up with the settings to change the network settings. I have an iPhone 3gs and get to step 4 and 5 of method 2. Even with my T-Mobile sim inserted I cannot get it to display the cellular data network option.

I restarted the phone and it still does not give me the option. Hi Eugene, That is a common problem.

I have an unlocked iPhone 4S from Sprint. I have no idea what to do… Can anyone help? Or do you have your phone on the Net10 Sprint network? I read your entire blog and found it very helpful. I have an iPhone 4. I want to setup a net10 account and be able to talk and text on this phone.

How to Setup Net10 Web, Data, and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6

Do I purchase a net10 plan and then follow your procedure, enter my APN values from my purchase, and then it will work? Or do I have to buy a SIM card and a plan and then follow the procedure? I just want to be able to call and text on a pay as you go plan. Hi Brittany, Yes. I can help you. Moving to prepaid is confusing. But you did the right thing by researching it first.

I set up this web site to help people figure this all out. I do spend a lot of time helping people who have already switched to Net10 or Straight Talk. So, lets get started with a few simple questions. Your iPhone 4. And is your phone on contract? How do I gain access to it? Can you send MMS, but not receive. During the last two weeks a lot of people are having that problem. Let me know how it goes. Your email address will not be published. Do Not Send Email Notifications. BillA January 31, at Bob Thompson January 31, at 7: Paul Marquis April 26, at 9: Bob Thompson April 27, at 7: Bob Thompson April 27, at 8: Bob Thompson April 27, at 9: How do I troubleshoot my net10 3g cell phone.

Bob Thompson March 17, at 5: Kelley December 21, at Bob Thompson December 22, at 7: Rebekah November 7, at 8: On page 6, it says: Bob Thompson November 8, at 8: Let me know how it goes getting your phone to work. Bob Thompson July 11, at 5: Becca June 28, at Bob Thompson June 28, at 1: Steven June 27, at 4: Bob Thompson June 27, at 8: Jane June 8, at 9: Bob Thompson June 8, at Kim November 16, at Bob Thompson November 16, at 6: Elizabeth July 21, at 1: Bob Thompson July 21, at 9: Tabitha Brennan July 16, at 1: So thanks for making it hassle free to find!!!

Your email address will not be published. Net10 apn settings easy setup.

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Related Posts. November 1, Reply. Emily Allison So I did everything I was supposed to and everything is typed in correct. So I just got an iPhone 4s and have followed the guide, am I basically screwed with the newest update of getting picture messaging to work? I can easily get internet working, but no matter what I do I can not get the cellular options to fix picture messaging. You bought the phone from net What phone are use using? Are you saying that you had to install the att. Hi Luke, A net10 iPhone 4s should be using the net10 Verizon network.

Do you have a sim in this phone? What is the model number on the back of this phone? The Model number is A I appreciate your help and all the information — there is just so much of it finding the right pieces seems impossible. Hi kalamitydelmundo, That problem plagues some number of Straight Talk and Net10 users. Prior to iOS 7. The solution was to revert to TFW He jailbroke his phone and go TFW I think the Carrier Update Hack will work for you to, if you are comfortable with the limitations of jailbreaking.

Unfortunately, no reader has told me if updating to iOS 8 has solved this problem for them. Run a speedtest or to. I sure would like to find aa solution. Ok so I tried the APN profile, the att. But when I configure the settings it no longer works. They might not do it for you.

Before iOS 7. Net10 still uses the att. How long have you had your SIM for? Was it from another phone. I have done all of the steps and even called Net10 multiple times.

Net10 apn settings – easy setup guide

I still have NO data, but I do receive calls and texts. The other issue is that the phone number is not from my area I have restored the phone. Hi Nichole, Did you go to http: Use Android 4. What are they? What model iPhone do you have? Are you using a Net10 SIM? I cant get data working on my iPhone 4s on net Hi Michael, The 3G indicator is normal for net10 on the iPhone 4s.

Look up your APN settings on the Net10 website and tell me what they are. I understand you have an iPhone 5 and are using Straight Talk. Regards, Bob.

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  • I do not have a different SIM card to do this swap. This was very helpful until I got to that point. Hi Wade, Sorry to hear Net10 is not right for you. Is you have a specific problem you need help with, ask and maybe I can help. Have you chosen a new wireless company yet? I cannot receive any sms anymore nor even imessage since yesterday, but of course i can receive calls and my 3g works. What should i do? Hi Carla, What model iPhone to you have. The model is on the back of the phone.

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    Finally after working on this way too long, I got it figured out. The guide was great and very easy to follow. Thank Goodness for people like you! Thanks for taking the time to comment. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. That is great news. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us improve our search rank and be able to use all the features of those sites. A Tmobile compatible simcard but i noticed is that the carrier settings havent updated for net10 tmobile users for iphone because it still says HOME.

    Finally, so readers have reported strange issues with Net10 issues. Hi Michelle, Tmobile prepaid might work for you. Is their a reason you avoiding moving to the net10 att sim or another prepaid network that uses the att network? Before i touch my iphone with this settings first of all is an Iphone 5 from tmobile with net10 ios 7.

    Follow the guide to set up your phone. Once your data connection works you should be able to use iMessage with Wi-Fi or cellular data. Your email address will not be published. Do Not Send Email Notifications. Hypes January 29, at 5: Bob Thompson January 29, at Patricia Niblack February 25, at Bob Thompson February 25, at 7: Bob Thompson August 27, at 1: Joe June 22, at 9: Does anybody know if this trick will continue to work if I do it for an iPhone running iOS 8. Bob Thompson June 22, at