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If the mobile version of your Microsoft Word app doesn't work on your tablet PC, then try the desktop version of this app. There appears to be a blurred line between what is considered mobile and what is considered desktop, especially with laptops that double over as tablets. The biggest reason why it will not open is because it needs updating. Try running an update to see if that fixes the problem. If you cannot update the app, then uninstall it and then install a new version of the app.

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Microsoft Word has borrowed functionalities from Amazon Kindle devices that allows you to change the background of your documents from white to black or sepia, which helps to turn your Android device into a document reader. Yes, but you will need to make sure you download the correct version. If you download the app from the same place, then make sure you are downloading the correct version. As mentioned earlier, if you have a hybrid device that works as a laptop and a tablet, then there is a chance you will need the desktop version of Word.

Looking for Windows version? Free Download In English Version: Sign in to download the.

Best Office Apps for Android 2018

Microsoft Word help and info Does this version only work for the Android? Read more stories. Don't leave without your download! It lets you remotely control your Microsoft PC from your mobile device. It takes a bit to set up. You have to get your PC ready for remote access and then connect it with this app.

However, after that, you can do basically whatever you want. That includes accessing your office software on your actual computer. It's a weird work-around, but a completely legitimate one. Chrome Remote Desktop is another excellent app that does basically the same thing. Microsoft Remote Desktop doesn't work well on Chromebooks quite yet, but keep an eye out for future updates that may add that functionality.

10 best office apps for Android

OfficeSuite Price: OfficeSuite is a long time favorite for many people. The app has changed a lot from its early days. Currently, the developers seem to be transitioning the suite into something closer to Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. That way they have a cloud storage solution on top of the office environment. Most of the basic features are available in the free version and that's good news. It's one of the better run-of-the-mill office apps.

It is also among the most expensive. Both are single payment options and not subscriptions.

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Take a timeout to check out more awesome apps! Polaris Office Price: Polaris Office is a lot like OfficeSuite. It used to be a good, simple office suite. The app isn't simple or small anymore. It does have a ton of features, including the basics along with note taking, document searching, encrypted files, and support for various formats.

That includes PDF and Microsoft documents.

The free version is serviceable. That gives you additional features like the ability to use it on more than three devices along with extra cloud storage.

Quip Price: Quip is one of the newer office apps on the list. It's also one of the few free ones. It has a small, but decent set of features. That includes the ability to collaborate on documents with other people.

It comes in the form of a chat that you can use to talk to people while editing documents. You'll also get a support for spreadsheets, cross-device syncing, offline support, and various exporting options. It also has cloud storage support. SmartOffice Price: Smart Office 2 is another one of the rare free office apps. The app used to cost money.

The Office apps make Office 365 even better

However, at some point, they decided to let it go for free. It also comes with support for Microsoft Office documents from and back. The interface is clean and simple. It's a good option for those who don't need much. Softmaker Office Price: Softmaker has a lot of office apps. That includes a suite of free office apps. They also have a suite of paid office apps.

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Both of them are pretty good. There are three apps in the suite, including TextMaker, PlanMaker, and Presentations which are just funny names for word processor, spreadsheet, and, well, presentations. Unlike most, the apps are completely free.