Blackberry update freezes social feeds

One of my favorite features in Social Feeds is the ability to quickly and easily update all your social statuses at once. One of my favorite things about the Social Feeds project aside from creating the app! Please post a comment and let us know what you think about Social Feeds, and which social networks you use daily. We hope you feel that Social Feeds is as useful for integrating your social networking as the Messages inbox is for integrating your daily communications. This is one of my favorite features it is soooo coool and so easy to use.

I love it, despite seeing some warnings it would be too busy. I have noticed a couple of times this week when there would be long gaps of twitter in the Social Feeds, but when I went to the Twitter app, they would show up.

Hands On: BlackBerry 6 OS

I love that Sean used my contact card in this post — and I still need coffee. I love Social Feeds, the only exception would be to allow you to group RSS feeds based on content, topic, etc.

Or be able to sync with Google Reader. I think the 4 used networkes are the right one, but I'm afraid the app isn't able to update a facebook page status. I love the social feeds in os6. For some reason my facebook no longer show up in social feeds. How do I re-add it to show up there? I like the social feeds app to keep up with contacts, especially facebook.

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It's how most of my family keeps up with each other since we're spread around the world. I have to keep up with industry news for my business and I like to read the local news all in my RSS feeds next-door.

Solved: My Blackberry is frozen on an update - O2 Community

I like the feature but one thing that drive me nuts and forced me to remove Facebook from it was the darn thing buzzing every 15 minutes to let me know one of my friends on Facebook wrote something on their wall. I got bored of it quite quickly. I don't know maybe I am just old or maybe I have too many people on Facebook that I just really don't care about their status updates to read it every 15 minutes. Am i the only one with this issue. Is there a way to say only let me know about a certain group in Facebook or are you stuck with everyone.

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U didnt have to remove facebook bcoz of that. YOU can do that from your profile settings. Also is it just me but why do I get only my Calendar and Phone on this list? I don't see any of my social feeds. Did I turn a feature off somewhere? Eliminates the need for twitter and fb apps, which sf does not do. Social feeds is designed to access and interact with your social networks including blackberry messenger bbm, facebook, myspace and twitter. The rim blackberry torch will be the first device to run blackberry os 6, but you wont necessarily have to get a new smartphone to enjoy the revamped operating.

Download social feeds icon gleam blackberry icon pack high quality free social feeds icons.

I click ok and the whole process has come to an end with nothing being. Desktop icon download pry etched black icons iconspedia. Essentially, an rss feed is a hosted xml file from which your rss newsreader pulls headlines, urls, and other content as it is updated. Download desktop icon pry etched black icon pack high quality free desktop icons.

Blackberry desktop software supports synchronization of data between your pc and your blackberry smartphone, and. Explore the home screen you can move and hide icons. For me, the basic problem with social feeds is that its more of an inquiry tool than anything else. Blackberry desktop software blackberry os software. The beauty of this is that you can use the various section feeds from news sites like cnn, and totally tailor the type of news that gets displayed on your desktop.

Tweetdeck is your personal browser for staying in touch with whats happening now. It was a great way to aggregate all of your social feeds into one handy app, but sadly when blackberry 10 came along, gone went the social feeds app. As the only emergency mass communication solution to meet stringent fedramp security levels, its the trusted platform for the us government and many complex enterprises around the globe.

My blackberry software update is stuck on backing up social. It is the ultimate collaboration software solution that connects people and information at the speed of social. The beauty of this is that you can use the various section feeds from news sites like cnn, and totally tailor the type of news that gets displayed on your desktop rss ticker tape display. The social networking software category contains software to navigate and view content from popular social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, instagram, snapchat, and more.

Blackberry athoc helps organizations protect their people and operations. Feedient keeps your social media life easy by giving you a simple overview of your facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram feeds within one single webpage.

Inside BlackBerry 6: Social Feeds

With our handy tutorial well show you how to configure the blackberry. To get started, youll need to download and install a free rss newsreader client. Blackberry 6 includes a new, webkit based browser, a universal search tool that delves through not only local but internet and blackberry world content, and and new social feeds app which pulls. The blackberry torch is far from flawless, but it still brings a lot of new features to the table.

Manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results. Visual, Fluid Interface BlackBerry 6 has been redesigned making it easier and more intuitive, with clean, sleek visuals and natural, fluid navigation. Designed to be both fresh and familiar, the new interface enables a productive, fun and highly satisfying user experience whether using a touch screen or trackpad and keyboard.

BlackBerry 6 offers multiple views that help users better organize their applications and content. Icons are arranged on the Home Screen in 5 customizable views All, Favorites, Media, Downloads and Frequent that are navigable with simple swipes. Users can organize where they want their icons to appear, and can add contacts or web page shortcuts directly to the Home Screen.

Also new to BlackBerry 6 are visually-rich, context-sensitive Action Menus. Within a given application, by clicking and holding the trackpad or through an extended touch of the display, users can bring the most common actions or tasks of an application to the surface. In addition, users can seamlessly multitask by holding down the Menu key, which pops up a visual grid of all the applications currently running, so users can instantly switch between applications.

A powerful Universal Search tool is also accessible from the Home Screen. Fast Rich Web Browsing BlackBerry 6 integrates a new and efficient WebKit-based browser that renders web pages as well as email quickly and beautifully for a great browsing experience. It features tabs for accessing multiple sites simultaneously, an auto-wrap text zoom feature that can intelligently wrap text in a column while maintaining the placement of a page's key elements, and pinch to zoom. Social Feeds streamlines the user experience, provides an integrated view of friends' activities across multiple social networks, and let's users post updates across multiple networks simultaneously.

Users can also easily add their favorite RSS Feeds from the Social Feeds application or directly from a website while browsing. RIM's new Text Messages application also adds exciting new features for users who communicate mostly via SMS and MMS, including the ability for users to now view a conversation in one threaded 'chat' as well as share photos, videos and other rich content. Engaging Multimedia Experience The multimedia experience in BlackBerry 6 is designed to give users a more engaging and streamlined experience with album art everywhere in the new music and video players.

BlackBerry 6 also gives users access to a range of camera modes that can help them capture better images.