Samsung galaxy s4 send contacts via bluetooth

More about cookies Yes, I accept. Start on your Home screen and tap All applications. Scroll to and select Contacts. Tap the Menu key. Chose where to save contact to e. Import will then begin automatically and will display how many contacts have been completed.

3 Ways to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung

Was this article helpful? Yes No. Thank you. Your response was sent. Related Articles Galaxy S4: Press Apps. Press Gallery. Select file. Go to the required folder. Press and hold the required file. Transfer file via Bluetooth. Press the share icon.

Transfer Contacts Between Devices

Press Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is turned off: Press OK to turn on Bluetooth. Your phone now searches for devices and after a moment, a list of Bluetooth devices within range is displayed. Press the required Bluetooth device. The file is sent. Samsung have admitted that there is a fault with this, but it is probably just easier to buy a replacement battery. If you are noticing that your Samsung S4 is losing charge far too quickly, then you might like to read this article — Problem With Samsung S4 Battery.

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Hi Dave, lovely reading this thread of positiveness. However would also like to copy existing txt messages and fotos across. Would your bluetooth method work? Smartwitch worked well from J3 to J4 but believe Ace 3 may be too old. Hi Tine, Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend! Unfortunately, this method does not transfer over any old text messages. With an internet connection, you can always see them though. Thank you so, so much. Amazing, after days of trying!

Thank you xx. So happy that this transfer for the Samsungs still works after all these years!! I am an older person and becoming more tech savvy all the time…. I had to fiddle around to pair my device, a Samsung Galaxy S2 and find the menu programme.

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  • But when I did, it transferred them in about 5 seconds. You are great and can teach and help lots of people with your advice. Thank you soooooo much. So happy that this article is still helping people! Dear Dave, Thank you so much for the info on how to move contacts easily from the Samsung Galaxy S2 to theS4, I have done this today after worrying how to do it. Today I had to contact Three to activate it I told the chap that I spoke to that I had googled how to transfer contacts and about the helpful guide you have given, even though they are not Samsung maybe, just maybe some inkling may get through to Samsung, because the info provided by Kies etc is not that great!

    If they were to look at this site they may think positively of hiring you, as you deserve to be paid for the help you have given to the people who have commented on your site over the past 3 years that I have read anyway. A Very Big Thank you to you and if you are still travelling stay safe and enjoy! Thanks so much for the comment — I think it is one of the nicest ones that anyone has ever left here! Thank you so much. Hi Rhonda, So glad it worked out for you — and that people are still getting value out of this article on how to transfer contacts between Samsung phones!

    Thanks so much — after paying for something to do this which did not work, yours did and was so easy. Now to work out how to transfer photos etc….

    How to transfer contacts from Samsung to Samsung

    Dave, I have an s2, and will switch contacts, to s4. Thanks, Pat. Three years after writing this blog post, people still find it useful! I agree with everyone else here. The real issue was that I had transferred the contacts through the ridiculous Kies system but it only transferred from one account.

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    • This has now solved it. Dave you are a Legend! Thank you, spent hours trying to do this other ways and had lots of problems, so this has been a great help. Amazing man , thank you. After 3 hours trying to use Smartswitch to no avail it took 3 minutes to use your method. You are a star.

      Those promoting Smart Switch Drool. Easiest file transfer ever. Thanks a million. When they upgrade their phones next, you are now fully qualified to teach them how to copy the contacts over!!

      How to transfer contacts via Bluetooth

      I think I love you!!!! You just saved me the biggest frustration that I have been dealing with for the last 2 hours!!! Thank you…thank you …. Thank you so much for this! So helpful and as you said really easy. Brilliant, thank you ever so much.