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FamiSafe is an app that can turn your phone into a remote control android device. It has an amazing set of features that let you control, monitor and set a timer on your PC, android phones, media center etc. This versatile app can be used to control and keep track of what your kids are watching, how long the device is working, and also block apps and channels that you don't want your family to be exposed to. This app can turn your android phone into a generic remote control android device. This app provides the basic interface required to control your TV.

You can connect your android device to the TV via Bluetooth or local network. This app makes a great replacement for a remote. Peel Smart Remote, apart from being a universal remote which can be used to control your smart devices, the Peel Smart Remote also acts as a personalized TV guide. Anymote Universal remote is a great app to have if your phone comes with an IR blaster.

Anymore Universal remote taps into your IR blaster option to convert your phone into a great android remote control. You can customize your remote to unlock great features with this app. Suppported Devices: Android devices with IR blasters, Regular Android devices enables limited access. This amazing app by Xaomi doesn't really require a Xaomi phone to use it. If you have a regular android phone you can easily turn it into a remote control android phone.

The 3 Best IR Universal Remote Apps for Android Devices

All you need an Android device with a built-in IR blaster. This remote control enables your android device to control your computer. This multipurpose app is a powerful tool to control your PC in different ways. This app can be used to remotely control other devices, like a computer, smartphone, or tablet while you are on the go. This versatile app gives you control over your computer and other devices which may be unattended.

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Use this app to control what happens to your devices. This Google app lets you control your Chromecast, Google Home, and assistant speakers. You can use this app to browse your music, TV shows, and movies. You can control the features such as volume, play-pause etc of your video and audio streams. This app combines both the IR features of the older devices as well as the Wi-Fi features of Smart devices.

Here are some more apps that might help control your TV!

Universal Remote Control App for Android: - MyURemote - Universal Remote Control App

Google Home Price: Free hardware costs money. Google Home is definitely among the best remote apps. Its primary function is to control Google Home and Google Chromecast devices. That means you'll need one of those to make this work. Otherwise, it's fairly simple. All you need to do is pick a show, movie, song, image, or whatever. You then cast it to your screen. It can't do things like change the channel.

It also can't change the volume. However, you can change the volume on your phone and that has the same effect. It'll only get better as time goes. The app is free. However, Google Home and Chromecast devices do cost money. Roku Price: The official Roku app is excellent for Roku owners. The app allows you to control pretty much everything on the Roku. All you'd need your actual TV remote for is volume. It also comes with a voice search.

Take Control from Your Android Device

It's not what you'd think of when it comes to TV remote apps. However, those with a Roku don't really need a full fledged remote app anyway. The app is also free. It boasts support for over , devices with more added on a frequent basis. It's also not just for TVs. The remote itself is simple and easy to read. There are also buttons for things like Netflix, Hulu, and even Kodi if your TV supports those things. It does work really well, though. It's also one of the great TV remote apps. It works on a whole bunch of TVs. Like Anymote, it also supports other devices with an IR blaster.

There is even support for Amazon Alexa. We thought that was rather forward thinking.

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  7. It also means that Google Home isn't the only app here with support for a personal assistant app. It's a tad rough around the edges.

    9 Best Free IR Universal Remote Control Apps for Android

    However, you can try it before you buy it. Twinone Universal Remote is one of the better free TV remote apps. It features a simple design. You should have no problems using it once you set it up. It should also work for most TVs and set-top boxes. There is even support for some devices that don't fit into those categories. Because the blaster requires a bit more power and can toast one of the regular IR adapters, you need to explicitly configure the third port to support the blaster.

    Tech Note: You simply affix the eye portion onto the IR receiver of your device. This then sends the IR signal directly to that device. If you ever get stuck, MyURemote support is there to walk you through the process. So, with my components all connected with the iTach, I was all set to give MyURemote a full run for its money.

    Guiding Tech

    MyURemote is very, very powerful yet you are immediately presented with a simple and easy-to-understand interface. MyURemote works along the following four concepts or levels. Once you understand these, the rest is easy. In this tutorial we show the basics how to configure: Which devices do you want to control with MyURemote? Thousands Devices are Supported: Check the tables to see if your device is listed. If your device is not in our database yet you can add it yourself. In fact, all other solutions in comparison look like pretenders, not contenders.

    MyURemote is reasonably priced, powerful, has support for a wide variety of devices and even supports home automation systems. Best of all, the ability to update settings across multiple iPhones and iPads, android and windows instantly seals the deal. Note that he free GUI is perfect to generate a complete visualization and operating center for your home-control system.

    As link between your smartphone or tablet and your domotics system you can use:. Baos and Baos gateways for KNX. Click here for more information how to connect with your Zennio. To use the app with BTicino MyHome: Other possibilities are:. Home automation. Here you find info about the protocol used for universal domotics communication. IP controlled domotics processors or controllers: Our interface is basically a webpage generated in php and commands are sent to your devices and controllers with the use of javascript.

    Web designers with some knowledge of javascript, are completely free to create their own interface. Read here our tutorial. Leave a support question. If your device is not in our devices database, you can add it yourself. However, this is a rather technical process. You will need to know the command codes of your device. He should be familiar with MyURemote.

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    Being able to provide your customers with an affordable way to control a new device with tablets and smartphones is a real asset nowadays. It will increase your sales instantaneously! Furthermore, MyURemote can replace sometimes expensive brand specific remote controls. You can create accounts for your customers on the configuration panel and test with your own tablet or on your Windows PC. There are no costs involved. We allow you to put your own Logo on the interface. Your customers can istall MyURemote on one or more mobile devices and logon with the account data you created for them.

    As a reseller, you can also create your own interface with your own branding and provide your customers with the correct URL to enter in the MyURemote settings.