Telstra mobile call divert time

For a step by step visual guide on setting up call diversions on your phone, check out our Device Guides page or follow the steps below.

See the below table for instructions to set up or change your call diversions using GSM codes. Divert to predefined number immediately Phone will not receive the call at all - charges apply. Support Articles: How do I set up call forwarding, diversions and ex Support Articles.

Trey 73, 3. Before setting up diversions Please make note of the following: Standard call rates apply when diverting to other numbers. Be aware that there can be negative effects of tinkering with your ring time. These include:. I hope you find this helpful in increasing your mobile phone ring time. The number of times I miss a call because I just get there a ring too late. Thanks heaps.

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Thanks for the information. Thanks Jan and Tania. This is terrific. I have already done as suggested, now just have to wait for a call.

How to Increase Your Phone Ring Time

Thanks for the info. Hi David. Thanks for the phone ring-time tips. I look forward to saving a few dollar by not retrieving as many messages.

How to extend the ring time of your mobile

Just realize that some phones with not display anything but the voice mail number it is calling when you do it so after you set it to 30 seconds have someone call you to make sure it is set to 30 seconds if you cannot visually confirm it on your phone. Thanks again! Thank you for sharing this information. Will give it a go. I'm not trying to be contrary here, but:. Target site may serve up ad popups, entirely outside of Telstra's or my control. Good point.

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I'm guessing there are some apps which will redirect you to the phone, however I'm not sure how they do it. My old not-so-smartphone let you do the lot, all five of them I think there was. Now we have to stuff around with codes.

How to change how long your phone rings before going to voicemail

It requires approx 9 keystrokes thru menus. Quick trick which may be obvious to others but it wasn't to me was to use the speeddial facility using the Telstra codes for forwarding on and off to my most frequently used divert target phone number. Now i just use speeddial 2 to turn on and speeddial 3 to turn off. Is it number of seconds per chance? Is this needed even for "unconditional" or immediate "all calls" divert?

How to extend the ring time of your Telstra mobile

No, it's not seconds. These codes are standard Ericsson networking codes used by telco's all over the world. Different numbers at the end of the code define different call types. If you used " 13 " this would divert FAX and Modem data calls.

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I don't have a comprehensive list of the call type numbers, and not every number is implimented in every network. For example, the FAX diversion is supposed to work on Telstra, however there's another number I don't know what it is that is for text message call types - this would be so handy to divert text messages to another number on some occasions! In which case one would only need to know and use the code commands for diversions other than Call Forward Immediate All Calls.

Now if landlines and mobiles could achieve the same functions by using the same codes, life could be much simpler. I recently updated to a Sony Xperia Compact z5 and only just noticed that my call forward options to I want to forward calls from my telstra pre paid phone number to an overseas number.

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