Creating a ringtone for android phone

It may be in any number of places, from an iTunes music stash to a downloads folder, so you might have to look around for a bit. Using a standard micro USB cable, attach your Android device to your computer. You probably have one of these cords lying around since they almost always come with new phones, and you usually need one to keep your device charged. However, if you somehow manage to find yourself in a micro USB drought, you can grab a new one for a couple of bucks off Amazon. If this option does not pop up, go ahead and open a new explorer window.

Some songs are ready-made to be used as ringtones. Depending on file type, your phone might automatically recognize the song as ringtone material.

Add ringtones with Google Play Music - Google Play Music Help

In most cases, however, some tweaking and fine-tuning is in order. We will be using the following two apps to chop directly to the part of the song you want to use as your ringtone and ensure that your phone is able to use your new creation as a ringtone or notification sound. RingDroid is the go-to app for everything custom ringtone. From time to time, though, RingDroid can hit a snag or two. Some users have complained about having to save two versions of a file if they want to use it as both a ringtone and a notification.

There is also some grumbling about its capabilities when it comes to assigning ringtones to specific contacts. Oh sweet File Manager, how I love you dearly. It has a ton of clever little tricks up its sleeves, including a slick wifi file transfer system. This is a huge advantage since most stock interfaces tend to be a little finicky about which file types can be used for what. Pull up RingDroid and locate the song you want to use.

This means that if your song has track name and artist data, then its listing may differ from the name of the file you moved over from your computer.

Once you find your song, tap it, and RingDroid will open up the editing tool. Use the sliders to isolate the part of the song you want to use as your ringtone.


RingDroid will trim away all the rest. RingDroid will keep the original file.

How To Make Custom Ringtones for Android

Hit the Play button to hear a test run of your ringtone. Now you can give your ringtone a new name. In this last step, you will use File Manager to select your ringtone instead. Trends with Benefits: Are these augmented reality, Android-powered glasses really ready for primetime or just an expensive gimmick that no one really needs?

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How to Turn Any Song into a Ringtone on your Android Phone

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  5. Then, add the song to your Ringtones folder.
  6. First, download the song to your desktop.

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How to make custom ringtones for your iPhone, Android, or Windows phone

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