Exporting blackberry contacts to gmail

It is certainly among the best of these types of services. SugarSync offers online backup and storage for a very low monthly fee and also enables you to sync your files as well. There is also an extensive features list for advanced users. It has unlimited bandwidth for faster speed. It is one of our best rated online backup services. How should i transfer the intenal memory data..

Please suggest Thanks Lakshmi. Copy Contacts to Another Application By Syncing Synchronizing updates computer files in more than one location via certain rules. SIM Cards. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest on new releases and more.

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  • How to import BlackBerry contacts from CSV into Outlook.

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1. Copy Contacts to Another Application By Syncing

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Reach him at mauricio [at] cloudwards. But take heart: You don't need to pull out your SIM card and pray, or load cumbersome transfer software. In fact, you're one text message away from transferring your contacts to nearly any smartphone. Research in Motion offers desktop syncing software , imaginatively titled BlackBerry Desktop Manager, that can import your calendar and contacts into Microsoft Outlook, Windows Calendar, Lotus Notes, and a few other organizer apps. If you're planning to sync your new iPhone or Android with Outlook or another one of those apps, you might do well to go ahead and bring them onto your PC or Mac, load them into Outlook or the like, then rely on that app to pass them on to your next phone.

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But then again, the company with the most server space in the world wants to help you instantly synchronize your contacts from one phone to another, so why not let it? Worse comes to worse, Google lets you export your contacts in the generally friendly CSV and vCard formats.

So let's get started. Open your BlackBerry browser and head to m. You'll be prompted to download the app Google made just for BlackBerry phones. Alternately, use your desktop browser to open google.

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android Phone

On most BlackBerry smartphones, the Google Sync app should install itself automatically, after you approve the download. Once it's installed, you can find the Google Sync icon on your home screen or in your app list. Click it, and you'll first need to enter your Gmail address or your full email address at a Google Apps account into the Login field -- which brings you to a decision point, if you're not already experienced with Gmail and Google Contacts. If you already use Gmail, Google Docs, Google Calendar, or any other Google product that requires a password, you already have an account you can push your Google Contacts into.

If you have a Google Apps account through a job, organization, or your own web domain, you can always use that account for syncing as well by typing out your full someone somedomain.

How to Transfer Contacts from BlackBerry to Android

If you don't use Gmail, nor have many contacts stashed away in your Google Contacts, neither is much of an issue. Google Contacts is not, at the moment, the most agile and customizable contact management system around, but it is free and easy to connect to on any almost smartphone. In either case, arm yourself with the login and password from your new or existing Google account, then log into the Google Sync app on your BlackBerry. You'll arrive eventually at a Welcome screen, which sports a Sync button at the bottom.