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The full QWERTY keyboard is still available in portrait mode, the green "GO" button still replaces the "Enter" key when using the browser, various applications seem a little quicker, and the accelerometer is a little less sensitive which improves upon the last upgrade which left the screen switching orientation too easily. The bottom line seems to be that this will not be the next official software fix from Verizon and RIM.

And because this is not coming from the carrier, we give you the friendly reminder that it is risky to download leaked software. Bad things could happen to your device, things that we wouldn't wish on anyone. Having said that, if you did download it, feel free to report your findings on the new firmware for the Storm And for those who count this sort of thing, the last official OS for the Verizon version was 4. BlackBerry Storm Specifications Review source: Featured stories.

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Hot Phones. Samsung Galaxy S10e hands-on: Big features in a smaller package. We played with Samsung's off-limits Galaxy S10 5G. Why is my Android flagship not getting updates for 4 years? Is 5G safe or dangerous? Here are the facts. Best smartwatches this year. I heard it happened in previous versions but I only got this problem after I upgraded to this update. Oh- Really? Thank you so much for this article. I tried deleting my email and setting it back up and after a battery pull it would disappear again. Thanks again!

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Now if only MeterBerry would work again…. When you upgrade to a new OS version, the Desktop Manager creates a backup file of your device memory. Then it wipes your Blackberry and restores the memory file after the upgrade. Meaning that when it wiped your device memory, you lost them…. But why would only a few people have this problem instead of it affecting everyone that upgraded to the new OS?

I notice my screen dimming all the time, it is very annoying. I too have just upgraded? When I did my upgrade, I lost my music option under media. I now only have video, pictures, ring tones and voice notes. Does anyone have any idea how I can get it back? The second possibility is that it is marked as a hidden file. The new 5. These will walk you through the steps just a delete and reinstall with permission changes and it all works. Love the upgrade!

We both however have noticed that the display dims for no apparent reason at any given time. Also our clock alarms will not snooze easily. They used to snooze at the slightest touch of the screen. Now you have to make sure you hit the snooze and that will not work because it will just alarm again until you disable it.

Official Blackberry Storm 9530 OS Version For Verizon Wireless

Remember to different Storms. Very frustrating…. Anyone come up with a fix yet on the annoying auto dimming? Ready to go back to my old software….. Thanks — Dirk. Like the thought about updating to v5. Goto Home and press the left convenience key this will bring up the keyboard. You can then clear the log the way you did before. Anyone have vLingo? Mine will not connect to the vlingo server anymore, just keeps trying over and over. And also any word on the dimming in landscape mode yet?

I hate having to flip to portrait then back to get it bright again, which only lasts a few seconds. I am having the same issue just resets on its own so far it has only happen once during a phone call but otherwise the phone will be sitting and just resets. So…not only does the phone dim often and randomly….

Hello Donna, I have noticed this problem in the past as well. For your sake, I have written a post regarding this issue and hope that it is helpful to you. Read it Here. Or just paste the address below into your browser! Ever since I have mad the 5. I have been having the same problem. My storm has always worked very well unless it was in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time for which I felt lucky. Have you discovered a solution to the problem? A week and a half ago, I updated the new OS to my BB storm and though things began to move faster, I noticed alot of distortion in the screen and choppiness to the pictures.

Also, when the screen went to stand-by mode it took forever to recover, sometimes it would take 2 mins. My phone was still under warranty so they sent me another phone, but this one still has it issue now. Does anyone know what it could be? I noticed that the option to send a pic to FB directly from the picture in the media folder is no loner there.

Is there a fix to that? If you have installed Facebook correctly and are logged onto your account, then you should be able to use this feature. Sometimes it works but most of the time it does not. The emails stay unread and in my inbox. This happened after the upgrade. Any ideas? I updated last night, and instantly noticed that on menus, you can now flick your finger to scroll through it, and it will roll to a stop. Definately feels smoother.

Since installing V 5 my e-mail capabilities have been limited, for instance if I receive an e-mail with an html link going to a private company it no longers works. I never had aproblem with this before. After I upgraded my computer froze. I finally got it back working but when I plugged the BB in to sync it froze the computer and i have not been able to get the computer working again. Now not getting email from work on bb. I need the computer. I upgraded from v4.

But after that I cant make or receive calls. As soon as I press the dial button for calling the phone disconnects in half a second. The msngers and smses are working okay though. The phone calls started working again after I reupdated the software again. Later after a few hours the calls stopped again. Please suggest what to do? This happened on my desktop and laptop.

The tech support at Verizon is friendly but no help yet. Post links of confirmations or something! I am on the BB Storm and upgraded to 5. Icon is gone. Tried reinstalling Facebook 1. Still nothing and its not hidden. Looked under other folders but … nothing. Anyone else have this issue? Everything else seems fine. If you have any more problems at all with the backup process, please visit our new post about How To Make A Backup File.

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Mine is doing this too. It pretty much stays dim and every now and then it will get bright for a while then go dim again. I too am having the same problem, from the number of posts here and on other sites it seems to be a very common problem. I would like it fixed soon as I am starting to wish I had stayed with the old version or maybe just get mad enough to get a different system.

VZ Access Manager. I am having the same problems with my themes.

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  • I have the perfect storm theme, and the today plus slide theme and a few others that all have the same issue in the picture above when the phone is in portrait mode. I also tried deleting some of these themes and re-installing them and it would look fine for a couple minutes then revert back to the distorted landscape mode.

    I tried this with quick pull and it got me nowhere. The crackberry app store app would not work either but once I completely removed it and reinstalled it, it finally worked. I love the new version software 5. Most everything works well and faster, expecially the typing etc. However, I have had to do more frequent battery pulls as the software seams unstable at times and starts to go through its own routine. It will cycle through any number of applications and the only way I can get it to stop is a battery pull.

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    This happens intermittenly. Visit this link and download the Kisses Application.

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    That way well know what to be wary of. Just did BB Storm 5. If it were stable, it would be great. Locks up randomly. Sometimes it will go two or three days without a lockup, others will lockup 3 to 4 times a day. I get the white application error screen and i usually pull the battery.

    There a MANY ways that you can update your software. However, I have had to do more frequent battery pulls as the software seams unstable at times and starts to go …Read more… […]. After I updated to the new version from 4. The Storm stuck and my computer ended up halting that caused the Music unable to be uploaded to my phone. Its been like that since the firmware update. Sometimes my phone showed a pop-out that said the phone needs to be plugging in as the usb mode might not have enough power to support the phone during the syncing process then the syncing would stop and my computer crashed.

    Does anyone has the same problem with I had at the moment? It is so frustrating gosh darn it RIM how can I plugged the blackberry using the AC adapter when there is just one connection through the usb port in the phone!!! As to the firmware patch- No… I do not. Sadly, I am only a reporter of blackberry news, not an expert firmware patcher. Once I upgraded to the new OS, links within emails broke. You see the full web address, but it does not appear as link on the BlackBerry; it does in the actual email through Outlook.

    Blackberry website finally released a new version from B to B that works well!! I updated my storm and now my MMS messages are gone. Even new ones that I have gotten since the upgrade disappear once I have opened them.

    BlackBerry Storm (VZW) Gets Official OS; List of Devices to Get Upgrade | CIO

    Sorry to tell you this, but your memory card can only store pictures, music, and video files…. This should free up a lot of room for the OS to be installed. Always save your media on your memory card only. This will actually keep your blackberry storm running faster too. See Post Here- https: Thanks for the advice. I confirmed that all of my music, photos and video are stored on the media card. Every time I plugged in my blackberry, the desktop manager would ask me if I wished to update the 5.

    I guess the difference between my situation and yours though, is that the blackberry desktop manager installed the core components successfully… haha-. Zelda Minish Cap Theme — https: Since it isnt fully compatible with the OS 5. IntelliGolf worked great before I installed version 5. Is anyone else having this issue after upgrading to version 5. I have many of the same issues. The youtube streaming thing and such is a pain.

    I love the speed I now have I was about sick of the 2 before the upgrade. The thing I hate the most about the v5 is the QuickPull non-compatibility and the old Media shortcut button is gone brings to music video voice notes and pictures in one button. V5 is still the best thing to happen to bbS2. I just updated to the 5. Everytime I try to install it again it shuts down the phone.

    I also tried to upgrade my VZ Navigator and the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas on how to fix this? After my upgrade, I found that my BlackBerry Storm rebooted randomly at least 5 times a day without any prompt.

    Version 4. This feature seems to have been removed. I would like for this feature to be returned. I have noticed the same happening to me recently. Whenever I use the phone for an extended period of time, my blackberry will reset. The same goes for video recording and having the camera application open….. As for the email search thing, It seems to work fine for me. Just hold down your finger for a while on the email you want to search, and it should pull up a list of all emails from the sender of the email you were selecting.

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