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The theme is available for FREE; so no excuse of not checking this one. Enkelt Neue also looks like the original iOS 7 but much colorful.

Simplistic and neat but still gives some change from the native iOS 7 look. Radiance is available for free and offer similar colorful look for your iOS devices.

Some of the Top iOS 7 Themes that You Must Have - List

Carla iOS 7 is very different from the others in this list. It offers tons of detailing and a load of icons. It offers black on white, or white on black, making it a good choice to bring out the black or white design color of your phone. This theme is a recreation of Flat7, which offers a oil-based finish to the Flat7 design, and offers some additional icons not available in Flat 7.

Space Blueberry

To me, this comes across as a great theme for artists, especially ones that specialize in oil paintings, any painting at all really. Oil7 was designed by Zutx and can be downloaded from the BigBoss repository free within Cydia.

Top 5 Must-Have WinterBoard Themes For iOS 7 That You Need To Try Right Now!

Finding high-quality themes for free can be a challenge in itself, making this one worth the download. On paper it sounds like it would just be a mess of images on your home page, but the app does wonders in deliver this nature driven theme. The theme is not yet supported in Cydia and needs to be manually installed using a file browsing application like iTools, iFunBox, or any similar program that allows jailbreak data transfers. Zanilla 2, like Solstice offers a sleeker looking color palette with a shadowy effect to add more depth to your icons.

Unlike Solstice, Zanilla 2 uses lighter and shorter shadows, to me both themes look great, but as always personal preference will have to be where you decide which to install your device. It uses plenty of gorgeous looking apps, but many third-party apps are vacant in the current version. Currently Zanilla 2 is not available on Cydia and needs to be installed manually with a file transfer application like iTools or iFunbox. Rather than just add to the original app like many themes have done, Space Blueberry gives most apps a total makeover, and with over 70 icons included with the theme, you should find a good amount of support.

Particularly some of the apps look better than others, but each adds some type of cartoony effect, giving the theme a semblance of balance. The theme is currently only supported on iPhone and iPod touch, and can be downloaded in the ModMyi repository on Cydia for free.

RocketSauce adds a unique curved border, with redesigned app logos to your iOS device. After installing the tweak, go back to this post, take a look at these themes and pick one for yourself.

Top 10 Best Cydia / Winterboard Themes (2012 Summer Edition)

Best Cydia Tweaks: The Complete Top List. It replaces the default icons with something altogether more calming. All the icons are flat and elegant. It includes redesigned app icons and new preferences icon in the stock Setting app. It contains a unique style using an application UI element and also comes with Control center and status bar theme.

Veexillum is a simple Winterboard theme for iOS 9. Amury comes with several alternative icons on the Home screen and within Settings. Aelon will give you a very clean looking device with its very uniform transparent icons and white glyphs. The tweak has two versions, Aelon Dark and Aelon Light.

Some of the Best iOS 7 Themes that You Must Have – List

This theme is undoubtedly the best shadow-based theme available in Cydia. Soft is a beautiful theme that has a pleasantly retro look and soft overall treatment of the icons as well as the user interface. In additional, it provides you with 15 nice wallpapers to choose from and new keyboard sounds. There are different icons included in this theme, as well as system glyphs, Home screen dock modes, and status bar icons.