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For example, many times web designers and developers will make a copy of a website for troubleshooting purposes or work in site without disrupting the live website. Open the php folder and open the php. For example: However, if you want to change the password, you can use the following steps. Click the Edit privileges link for the username root, but the one with hostname localhost.

Type and re-type the new password. At this point if you try to login to phpMyAdmin, you will get an access denied message: Save and close the file. Update August 29, This guide was originally published in March , and it was revised in August to make sure the information still works. Subscribe free and never miss a tutorial Select "Daily" or "Weekly" subscription We hate spam as much as you!

Apps Desktop Apps Difficulty level: Advanced How-To Web Design. For You. Latest Headlines. See all Headlines. How to manage Quick Action buttons on Windows Windows 10 update KB build Windows 10 version , April Update: How to see Chrome web activities in Timeline on Windows How To Stories. See all How To. How to avoid problems installing Windows 10 version April Update. I am able to login as well but I want one more function I would be glad if you help.

After successful login I want to switch activity as well. From MainActivity to other activity. Use Intents.

I want to read this article offline, how can i do that? We do provide an option to bookmark tutorials there.


You can download it from the below link. Thanku for the post. But my users who are registered are not shown in mysql. Can u pls help me. Hi sir.. Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

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Is it still recommended to use HttpClient? Hi, i am facing depreciation for defaultHttpClient which is being triked off in my code how can i resolve that issue. Hi Akash, Add the following to your build. The code works, but whenever I register a user, different password saves on the database. If I try to login, it says incorrect details though it is correct. What should I do? Thanks a lot for the nice tutorial. Now how to put an intent to login to direct it to a new activity? Activity; import android.

ContentValues; import android. Intent; import android. Bundle; import android. View; import android. Button; import android. EditText; import android. TextView; import android. I am not able to anything. Neither Sign In nor Register. Whatever I am trying to do it says Incorrect details.

However there is no any whitespace between data. It is very useful tutorial…you have done great job with sharing knowledge with us…So i hope you will continue this.. Do refer to the Async Task tutorial: Error parsing data org. Hi Ansa, The AsyncTask declaration is like this: So it should be visible in the post too. The AsyncTask declaration is like this: Sir First of all thank you very much.. Try creating a PHP function for that, just the same way as the login. Hey, thanks for you perfect tutorial..

But one question: What is the best way to achieve that the new acitivty is only started after a successful login? The problem is that the new activity is started in any case… Should I check if result. This is the ideal way indeed.

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Hi Devesh, The AsyncTask declaration is like this: Please help me to resolve it. You should cross check the following things in your code: Is your network connection stable? Is your xampp sever running correctly? Is your localhost url http: Hope this helps. Where do i put the New Intent code to start a new activity after successful Login and Register???????? Comment Policy: Please submit comments to add value to the post. Comments like "Thank You" and "Awesome Post" will be not published.

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Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. I would love to connect with you personally. You are here: Table of Contents 1 Android Login Registration 1. He loves learning new stuff in Android and iOS. Shoot him queries. Comments Hello Admin, I got problem in login. Hi,can I talk to you on android issues please.

HI Anupam, I am not bale to retrieve any data from server. Help me please.. Build failed with an exception.

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  4. Hello there! Maybe you have to change password in config. Just create a new Activity Venkatesh. And add the intent to the new Activity in the current one.