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Over time, however, the number of networks has blossomed with many of the major developers offering their own [ A strange amount of video game news is coming out of San Diego Comic Con this year.

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Chillingo has released screenshots of their upcoming Inkvaders game which bears a strong resemblance to Zombieville and the many other similarly-styled shooters. The premise of this game explains the seemingly simple graphics and the title Inkvaders: The game will come with 3 levels of difficulty, ammo management and various types of weapons including single shot [ Looking for the Repo or Missing Files?

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Reply Quote. Need For Speed is the best game that i have ever played.

Need For Speed Shift iPhone 4 Wallpaper

October 24, - Cancel Reply. New Firmware Downloads December 14, - Forums Now Open! July 25, - Video Tutorials. Buy iPods. Buy iPods Online. Select Firmware iPad 3. A file window will open and let you choose the downloaded ipsw -file.

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Free Dollar! Get one dollar sent to you just for signing up! Click Here to sign up! Gameplay Rating: User Interface Rating: Even 3 billion-plus purchases into the short life of the App Store, there are those that doubt the ability of the iPod Touch and iPhone to be legitimate gaming devices that can stack up with their traditional counterparts.

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They point to the unorthodox business model of the app store, its crazy pricing scheme, and top 25 charts filled with crapware and exclaim that it's destined to fail. I would contend that as long as games like Need For Speed Shift are being made, the app store is here to stay.

If you want quality apps, you should be prepared to pay for them. You wouldn't go to Target to buy a Nintendo DS game and then try to haggle with the salesman.

Need For Speed Shift iPhone Wallpaper

In fact, feel fortunate iPhone gamer. This discrepancy in pricing is consistent for almost all iPhone games. NFS Shift is a perfect example of what iPhone gaming can be; graphically polished, easy to learn, and fun to play for two hours or ten minutes. The race types are just diverse enough to keep you interested for a long period of time.

There are 7 different types of races. Circuit, sprint, driver duel, eliminator, time trial, drift, and driver face off. Sure, the rules vary a little bit for each one, but in the end the idea is the same; drive fast. NFS Shift is polished, but the good folks at EA also decided to throw some glitter and stickers on their shiny creation.

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  6. It didn't really need the glitter, thanks anyways. Just like its console counterparts, as you progress through more races you earn profile points in two different categories; "precision" and "aggressive". Things like sticking to your racing line, doing an entire lap without going off the track or crashing into opponents, and mastering corners will earn you precision points.

    Crashing into opponents, drifting, and generally just driving like a four year old will net you aggressive points. Earn more points to level up.