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Search for: The new platform can accelerate the delivery of media-rich services by delivering content directly from the base station, ensuring enhanced quality of experience for consumers in the face of ever increasing data traffic growth.

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The platform also enables a new generation of low-latency services with device presence to be delivered to consumers, creating new possibilities for mobile gaming, augmented reality, smarter traffic and public safety offerings, and more. Improved latency can enable high-value vertical solutions that rely on big data-driven analytics to work on very large amounts of information in real time.

From the first ever call on GSM, to the first call on LTE, we operate at the forefront of each generation of mobile technology. Our global experts invent the new capabilities our customers need in their networks.

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With headquarters in Espoo, Finland, we operate in over countries and had net sales of approximately Build your own feed. New to RSS? Join the conversation. By allowing all divisions and employees to collaborate more effectively, easily access the tools and systems they need, and focus their time on effective task completion, and by giving management the real-time data required to make faster and better decisions, the BPM Program ensures that customers receive consistent, high-quality service.

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After the initial rollout of an improved process, NSN then focuses on process optimization based on real-world, in-production experience. Real-time data visibility on process performance and bottlenecks is used to modify process models in-flight, with the changes deployed in real-time into the production application. Both significantly ease the integration challenges posed by such a large-scale BPM program. All NSN employees now benefit from the efficiencies and lowered learning curve of standardized and repeatable workflow processes, managed by exception. Recorded video training files are built into the workflows, known as WALTs Watch and Learn today to minimize the overhead of training and to ensure users are able to use existing and new functionality with minimal delay.

Through the cockpits, portals and full reporting portfolio, NSN management now has improved its business-critical decision making based on real-time data.

IBM and Nokia Siemens Networks Announce World’s First Mobile Edge Computing Platform

Athena provides dashboards on the aggregated state of all processes and their related IT tools, with drill-down capability to see the status of a particular process, the individuals responsible for it and related processes and a Knowledge Center of materials related to it. Additionally, Athena provides a dedicated Collaboration Area for each process, including discussions and email updates for all users subscribed to that specific process or community. All of the Athena functionality available for processes is also available for related IT tools.

This includes:. It consists of a mature team of 40 people across four dimensions:.

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The result is robust processes, developed at relatively low-cost, with fast deployment into the business. This necessitated a quick ramp-up of BPM expertise and both business and IT representation within a dedicated, and sufficiently staffed, Center of Excellence. Evaluating and prioritizing follow-on BPM solutions, ensuring their successful integration into divisional operations, and promoting those solutions to drive adoption were all crucial elements to the success of the expanding program. Even with senior leadership buy-in, change management remained an issue across the organization.

Moving a global enterprise like NSN towards a process-centric approach is a daunting task. Branding the solutions with the Greek god theme names proved catchy and memorable, helping the BPM initiative rise above the rest of the enterprise noise. Creating divisional and regional BPM Champions helped foster awareness. System usage among employees was spurred by leveraging the built-in collaboration features of the BPM platform to create personalized user experiences within connected communities of interest.

Process supporting brochures and marketing materials are housed within the applications. Touch-points within the workflows explain the processes and provide links to additional materials. Automatic process training via WebEx sessions are also available for core processes. High-level benefits include:. Through optimized pan-organizational processes, with strong governance to ensure employee adoption, NSN has increased the speed and agility of its organization, while also improving the consistency of experience and service it can deliver to customers.

NSN management is also now armed with a level of end-to-end business visibility and real-time control over all mission-critical business aspects and resources that surpasses the industry standard.

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Additionally, NSN is now seen as embracing modern BPMS technology in order to maximize its performance for benefit of the customer which creates an extremely positive perception when associated with its core deliverables. NSN selected Appian after a thorough vendor evaluation. NSN was looking for powerful technology, but they were just as focused on working with a vendor who would approach the relationship as a true partnership.