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Games Like Viber Wonderball. It offers an exciting gameplay and lets you immerse yourself in arcade experience. It has several modes but Adventure is the main mode, and the game contains up to fifty-five levels. Each level comprises at least one hundred blue pegs positioned according to the background of the level. The ultimate goal is to clear…. Retro Single Player Skill. Games Like Peggle. The game is available to play mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It offers the similar gameplay like Peggle and includes a variety of challenging levels. In the game, your main objective is to take aim, launch your ball and bounce it into cups, gathering prizes, coins and more.

Score the high scores by playing lots…. Single Player Skill. Games Like Paplinko. Win Mac The game takes place in the Peggle world consists of lots of challenging levels.

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It puts the player in a bouncy adventure where the player has to clear all levels by smashing different pegs. Each level has a set of pegs positioned according to the background, and the player has to take aim and shot…. Games Like Peggle Night. It supports Single-player mode and available to play on mobile platform iOS only. The game offers the similar gameplay like Peggle and includes a series of challenging levels. Each level in the game consists of more than fifty blue pegs and the ultimate task is to launch your ball hit pegs, gathering coins and points and reach….

Games Like Boom Barn. The game is developed by CanadaDroid and included different modes such as Arcade, Endless and more. The game features a ball launcher at the bottom of the screen and you can control it using intuitive controls. Each level consists of multiple pegs position at the center of the screen, the ultimate task it launch…. Games Like Break Bricks. Kachooly offers the similar gameplay like Peggle and available to play on Android platform only. The game combines the elements of Casual, Arcade, Puzzle and supports Single-player mode only.

The game has easily to learn gameplay, but hard to master.

49 Games Like Frozen Free Fall

It has a variety of levels consisting of different colored pegs positioned at the center of screen. Your ultimate goal is…. Games Like Kachooly. Peggy 2 brings the Casual, Arcade and Puzzle video game for those players who loves playing arcade games like Peggle. It supports Single-player mode developed by Koding Nights for Android.

It is the sequel to Peggy and filled with fun for players of all ages. There are a series complex levels, and each level comprises with colored balls in the center of the screen. The main goal of the player…. Games Like Peggy 2. The game is developed by Jelly Smeared Games Inc. The game offers exciting gameplay consists of multiple levels. You must match at least three same colour marbles to vanish previous and make a…. Multiplayer Single Player Skill. Games Like Magnetica. Win Mac Wii PS3.

The game consists of various levels, and you can complete each level with same mechanics. In the game, the objectives are rolling around the screen and reach slowly at the specific points. You must stop them by shooting the ball on others and match at least three balls to eliminate them….

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Games Like TumbleBugs. The game provides you with ball blasting gameplay and allows you engage yourself in endless experience. In the competition, you must match at least three gems to eliminate for oncoming gems.

Match or connect three or more gems to blast and earn skill points. The gameplay is similar to Candy Crush and Farm Heroes…. Games Like Bejeweled Blitz. The game in not provides you with a just classic match-3 puzzle gameplay, and it also features the fantastic locations, cool effects, unusual sounds and interesting plots. The game lets you travel through the fabulous areas of Atlantis and engage yourself in puzzles solving and completing levels experience. The game consists of….

Games Like Atlantis Adventure. The game introduces lots of new modes, soundtracks, great defined visual and several new features that makes the game more interesting and…. Games Like Bejeweled 3. Android iOS Win. Moves are made by dragging columns and rows. In order to…. Match-3 Single Player Skill. Games Like Chuzzle.

2. Wonderball Heroes

The game offers several interesting and quest of adventures, embark on a journey around the ancient Babylon, Rome, Greece and Carthage in the search for one of the best mysteries of all the time. It is a classic style match-3 video game with the twist of dazzling that the player can need to discover several pieces…. Games Like Atlantis Quest.

In this game, the ultimate task of the player is use spin booster and try to solve the puzzle to a three-star victory. With his best host Vanna White and her friends Thunder and Stella. The game offers many levels, and in each level, the player has few amount of…. Princess Stella, the Witch, is back, and she need help to defeat the deadly evil named as Wilbur.

The game takes place in the magical world where the ultimate task of the player is eliminated bubble by shoot on the same color of the bubble. The game allows the player play alone or challenge with his…. Games Like Bubble Witch 3 Saga.


Bejeweled Stars is another major installment in the series of Bejeweled developed and published by Electronic Arts. The game is available to play on Facebook, Android and iOS platforms only. Once again it allows the player to join the Kitty Frenzy event and engage himself in the epic magic-3 experience.

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It is an adventure-based, Puzzle and Match-3 video game that takes place in the beautiful game world that is full…. Games Like Bejeweled Stars. Android iOS Phone Win. It is a match-3 puzzle game that is played on a square grid filled with lots of different tokens such as gold nuggets, coins, diamonds, and skulls, etc. The player is able to swap any token of the game in order…. Games Like Jewel Quest. Win Mac. Fishdom 2 is another Match-3 video game that allows the player to swap colorful sea creatures in order to create the combination of three or more than three same colors of creatures.

In this game, the ultimate mission of the player is to create his own aquarium by collecting the multiple parts. There are series of levels, and each complete level provides a small piece of the aquarium that will…. Games Like Fishdom 2. The game offers exciting storyline with enjoyable gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world. In this game, the player aim is to join three or more than three blend vibrant paint monsters in beautiful colorful strokes in order to defeat the deadly Ink king and restore the stunning color to the world. Games Like Paint Monsters.

It is an excellent title matching video game that allows the player to capture and collect lots of colorful Charms as the work his way through the exacting puzzle adventure. Conquer various match-3 challenge and complete verity of a quest to complete his game objective. As compared to the other match-3 game it…. Games Like Charm King. Android iOS Online. It is available to play on Browser, Android, and iOS platforms.

The gameplay of the game is similar as compared to the other Match-3 games but it offers the new magical game world with lots of exciting powers that make the game more challenging. Games Like Around the World 80 Days. It is another major installment in the series of Luxor that allows the player to start his adventure through the land of ancient Egypt and solve verity of puzzles. The gameplay of the game consists of the 88 levels, and each new level of the game offer more enjoyable and challenging gameplay of the previous…. Games Like Luxor Pharaohs Challenge. In this game,…. Games Like Genies and Gems.

Android Win. Jewel Quest: Seven Seas is an Adventure-based, Match-3 and Single-player video game. It is another installment in the series of Jewel Quest that offers more enjoyable gameplay with an exciting storyline. Sorry that's what I feel about it. Please fix. Have re booted for more than 50 times and tried to open the game and the open button does not work it just send you to the game without fix INH the issue on your end.

Frozen Free Fall

Please fix!!!! The game was a 10 now it a 1 it's pretty bad. And the game can be fixed on your end without me deleting the game and restart. I should not have to lose my levels because of all these games added causing the problems. Reading all the problems from others who play the extra side games that are not working! Thant you , creativemcdee. Hi creativemcdee, sorry you are encountering this issue. Please contact us at support disneymobile. I appreciate the developers getting back to me through the review and their advice worked.

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You have to press and hold for awhile and then it works. Or at least a quick link to a website with detailed instructions? There is a very basic overview of how to play the match three part and an extensive list of credits for all the people involved in the game but no where to get detailed help for issues like mine. Again, great game but lack of support. Love that you have kept this game fresh and continue to add new functionality but you need to consider what players may have done previously before adding. There is now a task board at the plaza where you receive bonuses if you complete the tasks.

However once you have built something there is no way to change it. Thanks for your feedback! You can move items you have placed in the Plaza by tapping and holding on the item until the toolbar shows up. If you're still having troubles, be sure to contact us at support disneymobile. If I HAD to point out a negative it would be that some levels are repeats as far as what you have to do to clear the level I would recommend to obviously change things up a bit even if you have to do the same actions, at least make the setup of the level different.

App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Minor bug fixes.